I can't recommend your services enough

Kevin Garwood , 20 Apr 2018

I first had a meeting with Carlo to find out more about his business and was impressed with Carlo's knowledge and the service he provides to grow your wealth. I was already looking at buying an investment property here in Melbourne, but had to admit I didn't know where to start. There are so many new properties being built in the city, how was I to know which one was a good choice. From the moment I told Carlo I wanted his help to purchase, he was there to assist. Carlo went through my needs and where I was at at with buying. He made sure I spoke to an expert finance broker about my borrowing capacity and whether I had the right deposit. Carlo went through some suggestions of properties to purchase. Once a property was found, Carlo was there to answer all of my questions, even on a sunny Sunday afternoon where I was standing on a street corner deliberating whether to buy a property, which was going to be snapped up by another investor. Carlo, thank you so much for your professionalism and for your persistence in pushing me in the right direction. I can't recommend your services enough. Without your help, I would still be going from property to property and no closer to the position I am now in. To top this experience off, Carlo took me for an amazing dinner at Spice Temple (Neil Perry's new restaurant at Crown) Being a food lover this was an awesome gesture on his behalf.