Property investment basics are simple, but many of us never start or delay implementing our investment plan. There are many advantages that make property investment attractive. Aussies have been blessed with favorable tax laws, discounted stamp duties and relatively low interest rates in recent times. Many people, including advisors, can complicate the property investment process. IN2REALTY have had the same belief for over 32 years, buy well, buy early and hold for the long term. One important aspect of investing in property is to start with accurately assessing your budget. You can play with our Mortgage Calculator Tool, but ultimately you should then have a chat with our finance expert. The finance expert needs to be an experienced finance broker or a major lender, with specialised experience in understanding and assisting property investors. Together the right partners can provide you with the foundation advice required to set you up for success.

Buy as best as you can comfortably afford. This generally equates to selecting quality investment grade property that is close to a major metropolis, such as Melbourne, Sydney or even Brisbane. Investing in one state only is not always the most effective option, as there are other important and costly factors to consider, like your Land Tax liability and stamp duty. We do not like to focus so much on timing the market, but rather on your time in the market. If securing these types of quality properties exceeds your budget, that's ok, there are other options to consider in the same locations, such as a townhouse or apartment. Purchasing one of these options can have significant advantages, including lower entry costs to the area, higher rental yields, better depreciation benefits and lower maintenance costs.

Moving further away from the city will make property more affordable and can still provide a good alternative to an apartment or town house, closer in. House and land packages are common and can be seen advertised all over the internet. What is not so obvious is what's included with the advertised price? This is not an easy analysis to accomplish without spending a lot of time inspecting and reviewing many market offers to determine exactly what you will get included in the price and what will be added as extras, once building commences. Builders will always have the advantage, as they know their product intimately and advertise it to attract your attention. IN2REALTY can remove much of the guesswork by providing you with options to secure turn key house and land packages across the east coast of Australia. Benefits include, fixed price contracts with essential tenant upgrades, stone bench tops, light fittings, quality appliances, air conditioning, ducted heating, driveways, landscaping, window furnishings etc.

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