Buyer's agent.

Buyer's agent service

What is a buyer's agent?

Buyer's Agents help buyers purchase property by assisting with the buying process. This could help you find that special place to call home or the right investment property.

How can a buyer's agent benefit me?

We can offer different levels of service to suit your needs depending on whether you are looking for a home to live in or an investment property. These two different scenarios require a different set of specific criteria.

Property investors.

It's not straightforward anymore to find the perfect investment property. Many buyers may struggle to understand the different properties and their long-term effect on your wealth creation. Not all properties will perform the same, and there are complex layers of tax issues that should be considered when selecting the right investment property. Please don't worry- we will guide you through the entire process from start to finish and help you secure the best options for the ongoing management of your new asset.

Why choose IN2REALTY?

When you deal with In2REALTY, you will deal with our principal or a certified buyer's agent. Unlike other big name brands that act as a marketing portal on the internet and then pan out the work to associates around the country, you can rest assured that we will act in your best interest, utilising all our market know-how and experience to secure the right property for you in Melbourne. You only get one shot at buying an investment, so we want to ensure that the selection of this asset is set up correctly from the outset.

What does a buyer's agent cost?

Like most things, you get what you pay for. The initial evaluation process is cost and risk-free for you to look at our match to your requirements. We'll review your needs, detail our strategy moving forward, and give you a precise cost and path for success.

Owner occupier services.

We will actively search the market for you and find the best properties matching your brief, saving buyers the stress and time of finding the right property.

Let us help you find your new property

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